our story

“Nice to Meet You!”

Serangkai was founded in 2019, with our belief in the strong growth of the Indonesian cosmetics industry that consistently produces high quality products. We want to make it easy for you to shop all your favorite local cosmetic brands, and that's why we've curated it all under one platform. Here you'll find skincare, make-up, hair care and body care to complete your everyday self-care needs.

“Our Vision”

We aim to become Indonesia’s #1 e-commerce platform for all local cosmetic brands. Thus, it’s important for us to provide local products with the best quality, which is why all products sold on our platform are BPOM certified. We hope to provide you a practical experience when shopping for local brands through our platform.

We believe that finding local, credible cosmetics brand should not be hard. In fact, local products are built to suit Indonesians’ skin type and weather, and it’s very much affordable!

“When we started Serangkai, we knew we want to create a change in the local cosmetics industry. As we enjoyed using existing local brands, we realized how powerful the local cosmetics industry is, and believe that through this platform the industry could grow even further and better." – Founders