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Coco Cream Bundle


Please Note: this bundle contains 2 puffs (1 Coco and 1 Cream puff)

Say hello to our Beauty Puff!

The airy texture of the sponge makes it super soft and bouncy. It’ll apply liquid and cream products to the face smoothly without leaving any streaks. Use the sponge in dry, half-damp, and damp conditions for varying results.

Get To Know Every Side:

Flat Side: Foundation

Round Side: Blush/Smoothing

Pointed Tip: Concealer & Baking

Sharp Edge: Contour

Coco Cream Bundle set includes:

- 2 Beauty puffs

- Hard box

- 1 Coco Puff

- 1 Cream Puff

- Bubble wrap

- Any promo or discount will be applied if there is any

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